Totally Gripped

Totally Gripped sells soft, ergonomic grips that can be fixed to objects some adults and children find difficult to pick up, such as rulers and protractors. The logo uses the shape of the grips to replace the letter 'O' and the use of the grips is suggested with the addition of a horizontal line. The highlighted 'O' & 'T' make reference to occupational therapy, the form of therapy the grips are used in.

Totally Gripped logo design by WUUDY

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I have been extremely happy with the communication from the start of each piece of work from Helen and have been impressed by her flexibility of thinking and ideas proffered around basic ideas I had. She has a real flair for design and colour schemes that work well for the situations needed. If I have wanted to tweak any colours or see how different wording has worked, Helen has been more than accommodating and willing to provide further options. I have liked the fact that various options are given to me but with her thoughts behind how each one may work.
I would be more than happy to continue to work on any design or graphic needs I may have moving forwards with Helen and cannot recommend her highly enough."

Nicky Bament
Independent occupational therapist and founder of equipped4learning charity.